Staff Attack! Mike Harvey

Did you like the animations in our 2.0 demo?
Are you ready for a peek behind the scenes on what made them so great?
Today the spotlight is on our environmental and enemy animator, Mike Harvey, in a new instalment of Staff Attack!



January 2018 Progress Update

Team S2HD would like send a huge 'thank you' to everyone who downloaded and played our 2.0 release! Seeing your reactions and messages of support has been an amazing source of joy and encouragement. In particular we would like to thank all of you who have reported any issues or bugs you may be encountering with the demo. Currently a patch is in the works which fixes many of these issues; also included are improved physics, overhauled object art and more. The project has now entered 'phase 3' with work on Aquatic Ruin Zone well under way. You can find some of the relevant concept work for this stage below:



Sonic 2 HD Demo 2.0 is here!

The time has come -- please visit sonic2hd.com to download the demo release! As Sonic 2 HD is very much a work-in-progress, you may encounter bugs while playing. We have found plenty in our testing and have done what we can to squash them, but our small team can't find them all on our own. You can help us improve the experience further by letting us know what you found. We hope you enjoy playing this first taste of Sonic 2 HD as much as we have enjoying building it. Thank you all for your support!


A Very Special Announcement

Today Team S2HD makes a very special announcement:

By the fans, for the fans.


Concept Showcase: Chemical Plant Zone tiles

Today we present the first entry in our new Concept Showcase series! This week: Chemical Plant Zone tiles.



Visual Changelog: Rexon

Rexon was one of the pieces we have been working hard at S2HD from the beginning and has been fully reworked from his Alpha. Extra care was taken in this revision, as we wanted to preserve the base, while updating it where necessary. Enjoy!



Making Of: Hill Top Zone Boss Flamethrower

Today we present another time-lapse video, showing the creation of various assets of the Hill Top Zone boss, including its flamethrower.


Staff Attack: Corral Summer

In this latest Staff Attack! we draw our attention to Corral Summer, sprite and level artist.



S2HD Q2 2016 Progress Report

While we've shown a lot of our work through visual changelogs and time-lapse videos since the project's revival, we've never really given a full progress report on where the project is at, and how close we are to another release. So for this reason, we've decided to provide you with some details on the things we've most recently working on and how the project is travelling.

The vectoring of the Chemical Plant Zone background is now finally complete. This has been our primary focus and one of our core goals lately. We are especially proud of this accomplishment since a large portion of the background, particularly the lower section, has been redesigned from scratch. We have used a multiple stage process in the creation of this background, as per the image below, starting with various lineart concepts from Nerkin. Once a particular design has been approved, the lineart will be colored and subsequently vectored by our level artists. Now that the Chemical Plant Zone background has been fully vectored, all that remains on the level art end of things for the next release are some minor bits and pieces for Hill Top Zone and adding animations to the CPZ background.

The development of one of the towers from the middle section of the CPZ background. Click image for full size.

Recently, we have brought onboard a new programmer, named Lake-Ishikawa, who has made some incredible progress on the implementation of the Special Stage physics and game mechanics. This is a very promising development. We've also seen some substantial work being done on asset creation for the pause menu and Nerkin's creative genius at work in some main menu concepts. This is an aid to providing you with the most polished release experience possible. Other recent work includes progress from Toni Leys on tracks for Hill Top Zone Act 2 and the Options Menu, superb animated artwork for the Hill Top Zone boss flamethrower and other fiery projectiles, and some work on enemy animations, with only one remaining for the next release.

Some of our immediate goals include animating Tails, importing the Chemical Plant Zone Background, and further refining and developing the engine. Stay tuned for more development updates!
-Team S2HD


Some Exciting News!

Today we have some BIG news to share! Yes, you read that right. The anticipation has been building to this one moment, so without further adieu: We are incredibly excited to announce Big's Fishing Adventure 2 HD!

Join Big the Cat on his quest to catch the most fish he can while he searches for his best pal, Froggy. This journey will take you across all the zones you know and love in Sonic 2, allowing you to explore the world like never before!

Our artists are thrilled to be using their talents to create something entirely original, and we can't wait to get this game into the hands of our fans in 2092. Stay tuned for more updates on this very exciting project!




Visual Changelog: Pocky

Happy Easter everyone! Today’s character art update presents the incredible work our artists have done in bringing one our fluffy friends to life! Click to view the full size update and to watch the included timelapse video.



Before --> After!

Inside the Art: Yellow Blocks

Today we launch a new series of visual changelogs focussed on Chemical Plant Zone. The spotlight this week is on an asset synonymous with Chemical Plant Zone, the yellow blocks. The original artwork was a shining example of the capabilities of Genesis hardware, so we needed to do the same when bringing the asset beyond those boundaries into the 21st century, giving it a modern look rather than merely upscaling it when making it HD.



Staff Attack: Toni Leys

Music is really what brings a game a life, so we’re very pleased to share with you a few samples of music from one of our talented musicians, Toni Leys, in this edition of Staff Attack! As you may know, we’ve decided to revisit the soundtrack from the Alpha release to build upon and improve it for a unique Sonic 2 experience. Click on the image below to learn more and to access the media players to hear what Toni has been cooking up!



A special announcement...

S2HD fans, today is a special day! After evolving the character art style through three major revisions, with countless hours spent tweaking vector points, shading, and animation boils, I am proud to announce Sonic's entire frameset for S2HD is complete! None of this would have been possible without Ricky Earl's gorgeous animation drafts and patience in creating the revisions for our blue hero.

I would like to give special thanks to Tom Fry and Jared Kasl, as their efforts in 2010 laid the foundation for the final shading techniques that make S2HD look so amazing today. Finally, a huge thank you to all of you for your support and comments -- I love reading them and promise to keep character art as sharp and polished as I can! 

-Vincent S2HD Team Leader